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The Wife Wrapt in Wether’s Skin

No: 277; variant: 277B

  1. ROBIN he's gane to the wast, Hollin, green hollin He's waled a wife amang the warst. Bend your bows, Robin
  2. She could neither bake nor brew, For spoilin o her bonnie hue.
  3. She could nether spin nor caird, But fill the cup, an sair the laird.
  4. She could nether wash nor wring, For spoilin o her gay goud ring.
  5. Robin's sworn by the rude That he wald mak an ill wife gude.
  6. Robin he's gaun to the fauld, An taen his blaik [wither] by the spauld.
  7. He's taen aff his wither's skin An he has preened his ain wife in.
  8. 'I daurna beat my wife, for a' her kin, But I may beat my wither's skin.'
  9. 'I can baith bake an brew; What care I for my bonnie hue?
  10. 'I can baith wash an wring; What care I for my gay gowd ring?
  11. 'I can baith spin an caird; Lat onybodie sair the laird.'
  12. Robin's sworn by the rude That he has made an ill wife gude.