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The Wife Wrapt in Wether’s Skin

No: 277; variant: 277A

  1. SHE wadna bake, she wadna brew, Hollin, green hollin For spoiling o her comely hue. Bend your bow, Robin
  2. She wadna wash, she wadna wring, For spoiling o her gay goud ring.
  3. Robin he's gane to the fald And catched a weather by the spauld.
  4. And he has killed his weather black And laid the skin upon her back.
  5. 'I darena pay you, for your kin, But I can pay my weather's skin.
  6. 'I darena pay my lady's back, But I can pay my weather black.'
  7. 'O Robin, Robin, lat me be, And I'll a good wife be to thee.
  8. 'It's I will wash, and I will wring, And never mind my gay goud ring.
  9. 'It's I will bake, and I will brew, And never mind my comely hue.
  10. 'And gin ye thinkna that eneugh, I'se tak the goad and I'se ca the pleugh.
  11. 'Gin ye ca for mair whan that is doon, I'll sit i the neuk and I'll dight your shoon.'