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The Friar in the Well

No: 276; variant: 276B

  1. O HEARKEN and hear, and I will you tell Sing, Faldidae, faldidadi Of a friar that loved a fair maiden well. Sing, Faldi dadi di di (bis)
  2. The friar he came to this maiden's bedside, And asking for her maidenhead.
  3. 'O I would grant you your desire, If 'twerena for fear o hell's burning fire.'
  4. 'O hell's burning fire ye need have no doubt; Altho you were in, I could whistle you out.'
  5. 'O if I grant to you this thing, Some money you unto me must bring.'
  6. He brought her the money, and did it down tell; She had a white cloth spread over the well.
  7. Then the fair maid cried out that her master was come; 'O,' said the friar, 'Then where shall I run?'
  8. 'O ye will go in behind yon screen, And then by my master ye winna be seen.'
  9. Then in behind the screen she him sent. But he fell into the well by accident.
  10. Then the friar cried out with a piteous moan, O help! O help me! or else I am gone.
  11. 'Ye said ye wad whistle me out o hell; Now whistle your ain sel out o the well.'
  12. She helped him out and bade him be gone; The friar he asked his money again.
  13. 'As for your money, there is no much matter To make you pay more for jumbling our water.'
  14. Then all who hear it commend this fair maid For the nimble trick to the friar she played.
  15. The friar he walked on the street, And shaking his lugs like a well-washen sheep.