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Get Up and Bar the Door

No: 275; variant: 275B

  1. THERE leeved a wee man at the fit o yon hill, John Blunt it was his name, O And he selld liquor and ale o the best, And bears a wondrous fame. O Tal lara ta lilt, tal lare a lilt, Tal lara ta lilt, tal lara
  2. The wind it blew frae north to south, It blew into the floor; Says auld John Blunt to Janet the wife, Ye maun rise up and bar the door.
  3. 'My hans are in my husseyskep, I canna weel get them free, And if ye dinna bar it yersel It'll never be barred by me.'
  4. They made it up atween them twa, They made it unco sure, That the ane that spoke the foremost word Was to rise and bar the door.
  5. There was twa travellers travelling late, Was travelling cross the muir, And they cam unto wee John Blunt's, Just by the light o the door.
  6. 'O whether is this a rich man's house, Or whether is it a puir?' But never a word would the auld bodies speak, For the barring o the door.
  7. First they bad good een to them, And syne they bad good morrow; But never a word would the auld bodies speak, For the barring o the door, O.
  8. First they ate the white puddin, And syne they ate the black, And aye the auld wife said to hersel, May the deil slip down wi that!
  9. And next they drank o the liquor sea strong, And syne they drank o the yill: 'And since we hae got a house o our ain I'm sure we may tak our fill.'
  10. It's says the ane unto the ither, Here, man, tak ye my knife, An ye'll scrape aff the auld man's beard, While I kiss the gudewife.
  11. 'Ye hae eaten my meat, ye hae drucken my drink, Ye'd make my auld wife a whore!' 'John Blunt, ye hae spoken the foremost word, Ye maun rise up and bar the door.'