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Lady Diamond

No: 269; variant: 269E

  1. IT was a king, and a verra greit king, An a king o muckle fame, An he had a luvelie dauchter fair, An Dysie was her name.
  2. She fell in love wi the kitchie-boy, An a verra bonnie boy was he, An word has gane till her father dear, An an angry man was he.
  3. 'Is it the laird? or is it the lord? Or a man o high degree? Or is it to Robin, the kitchie-boy? O Dysie mak nae lee.'
  4. 'It's nae the laird, nor is it the lord, Nor a man o high degree, But it's to Robin, the kitchie-boy; What occasion hae I to lee?'
  5. 'If it be to Robin, the kitchie-boy, As I trust weel it be, The morn, afore ye eat meal or drink, Ye'll see him hanged hie.'
  6. They have taen Robin out, His hair was like threads o gold; That verra day afore it was night, Death made young Dysie cold.