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Lady Diamond

No: 269; variant: 269D

  1. THERE was a king, and a curious king, And a king of royal fame, He had ae daughter, he had never mair, Lady Diamond was her name.
  2. She's fa'en into shame, and lost her good name, And wrought her parents 'noy; And a' for her layen her love so low, On her father's kitchn-boy.
  3. One night as she lay on her bed, Just thinking to get rest, Up it came her old father, Just like a wandering ghaist.
  4. 'Rise up, rise up, Lady Diamond,' he says, 'Rise up, put on your gown; Rise up, rise up, Lady Diamond,' he says, 'For I fear ye go too roun.'
  5. 'Too roun I go, ye blame me no, Ye cause me not to shame; For better love I that bonny boy Than all your well-bred men.'
  6. The king's calld up his wall-wight men, That he paid meat and fee: 'Bring here to me that bonny boy, And we'll smore him right quietlie.'
  7. Up hae they taken that bonny boy, Put him between twa feather-beds; Naething was dane, naething was said, Till that bonny boy was dead.
  8. The king's taen out a broad, broad sword, And streakd it on a strow, And thro and thro that bony boy's heart He's gart cauld iron go.
  9. Out he has taen his poor bloody heart, Set it on a tasse of gold, And set it before Lady Diamond's face, Said, Fair lady, behold!
  10. Up she has taen this poor bloody heart, And holden it in her hand: 'Better loved I that bonny, bonny boy Than all my father's land.'
  11. Up she has taen his poor bloody heart And laid it at her head; The tears away frae her eyes did fly, And ere midnight she was dead.