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Lady Diamond

No: 269; variant: 269C

  1. THERE was a king, and a glorious king, And a king of mickle fame, And he had daughters only one, Lady Dysmal was her name.
  2. He had a boy, and a kitchen-boy, A boy of mickle scorn, And she lovd him lang, and she loved him aye, Till the grass oergrew the corn.
  3. When twenty weeks were gone and past, O she began to greet! Her petticoat grew short before, And her stays they wadna meet.
  4. It fell upon a winter's night The king could get nae rest; He cam unto his daughter dear, Just like a wandring ghaist.
  5. He cam into her bed-chalmer, And drew the curtains round: 'What aileth thee, my daughter dear? I fear you've gotten wrong.'
  6. 'O if I have, despise me not, For he is all my joy; I will forsake baith dukes and earls, And marry your kitchen-boy.'
  7. 'Go call to me my merry men all, By thirty and by three; Go call to me my kitchen-boy, We'll murder him secretlie.'
  8. There was nae din that could be heard, And neer a word was said, Till they got him baith fast and sure Between twa feather-beds.
  9. 'Go cut the heart out of his breast, And put it in a cup of gold, And present it to his Dysmal dear, For she is baith stout and bold.'
  10. They've cut the heart out of his breast, And put it in a cup of gold, And presented it to his Dysmal dear, Who was baith stout and bold.
  11. 'O come to me, my hinney, my heart, O come to me, my joy! O come to me, my hinney, my heart My father's kitchen-boy!'
  12. She's taen the cup out of their hands, And set it at her bed-head; She washd it wi the tears that fell from her eyes, And next morning she was dead.
  13. 'O where were ye, my merry men all, Whom I paid meat and wage, Ye didna hold my cruel hand When I was in my rage?
  14. 'For gone is a' my heart's delight, And gone is a' my joy; For my dear Dysmal she is dead, And so is my kitchen-boy.'