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Lady Diamond

No: 269; variant: 269A

  1. THERE was a king, and a very great king, And a king of meikle fame; He had not a child in the world but ane, Lady Daisy was her name.
  2. He had a very bonnie kitchen-boy, And William was his name; He never lay out o Lady Daisy's bower, Till he brought her body to shame.
  3. When een-birds sung, and een-bells rung, And a' men were boune to rest, The king went on to Lady Daisy's bower, Just like a wandering ghaist.
  4. He has drawn the curtains round and round, And there he has sat him down; 'To whom is this, Lady Daisy,' he says, 'That now you gae so round?
  5. 'Is it to a laird? or is it to a lord? Or a baron of high degree? Or is it William, my bonnie kitchen-boy? Tell now the truth to me.'
  6. 'It's no to a laird, and it's no to a lord, Nor a baron of high degree; But it's to William, your bonnie kitchen-boy: What cause hae I to lee?'
  7. 'O where is all my merry, merry men, That I pay meat and fee, That they will not take out this kitchen-boy, And kill him presentlie?'
  8. They hae taen out this bonnie kitchen-boy, And killd him on the plain; His hair was like the threads o gold, His een like crystal stane; His hair was like the threads o gold, His teeth like ivory bane.
  9. They hae taen out this bonnie boy's heart, Put it in a cup o gold; 'Take that to Lady Daisy,' he said, 'For she's impudent and bold; And she washd it with the tears that ran from her eye Into the cup of gold.
  10. 'Now fare ye weel, my father the king! You hae taen my earthly joy; Since he's died for me, I'll die for him, My bonnie kitchen-boy.'
  11. 'O where is all my merry, merry men, That I pay meat and wage, That they could not withold my cruel hand, When I was mad with rage?
  12. 'I think nae wonder, Lady Daisy,' he said, 'That he brought your body to shame; For there never was man of woman born Sae fair as him that is slain.'