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Henry Martyn

No: 250; variant: 250C

  1. THERE were three brothers in bonnie Scotland, In bonnie Scotland lived they, And they cuist kevels themsells amang, Wha sould gae rob upon the salt sea.
  2. The lot it fell upon bold Robin Hood, The youngest brither of the hale three: 'O, I sall gae rob upon the salt sea, And it's all to maintain my two brothers and me.'
  3. They hadna sailed a lang winter night, A lang winter night scarselie, Till they were aware of a tall, tall ship, Coming sailin down under the lee.
  4. 'O where are you bound for, my bonnie ship?' Bold Robin Hood he did cry; 'O I'm a bold merchantman, for London bound, And I pray you, good sir, let us by.'
  5. 'O no! O no!' said bold Robin Hood, 'O no such thing may be; For I will gae in and plunder your ship, And your fair bodies I'll drown in the sea.'
  6. O he has gone in and plundered their ship, And holes in her bottom bored three; The water came in so thick and so fast That down, down to the bottom gade she.
  7. Bad news, bad news to old England is gone, Bad news to our king, old Henrie, That his merchant-goods were taken on board, And thirty-five seamen drownd in the sea.