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The Grey Cock, or, Saw You My Father

No: 248; variant: 248A

  1. 'O SAW ye my father? or saw ye my mother? Or saw ye my true-love John?' 'I saw not your father, I saw not your mother, But I saw your true-love John.
  2. 'It's now ten at night, and the stars gie nae light, And the bells they ring ding, dang; He's met wi some delay that causeth him to stay, But he will be here ere lang.'
  3. The surly auld earl did naething but snarl, And Johny's face it grew red; Yet, tho he often sighd, he neer a word replied Till all were asleep in bed.
  4. Up Johny rose, and to the door he goes, And gently tirle:d the pin; The lassie taking tent unto the door she went, And she opend and let him in.
  5. 'And are ye come at last? and do I hold ye fast? And is my Johny true?' 'I hae nae time to tell, but sae lang's I like mysell Sae lang will I love you.'
  6. 'Flee, flee up, my bonny grey cock, And craw when it is day; Your neck shall be like the bonny beaten gold, And your wings of the silver grey.'
  7. The cock prov'd false, and untrue he was, For he crew an hour oer soon; The lassie thought it was day when she sent her love away, And it was but a blink of the moon.