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James Harris, (The Daemon Lover)

No: 243; variant: 243E

  1. 'WHERE have you been, my long lost lover, This seven long years and more?' 'I've been seeking gold for thee, my love, And riches of great store.
  2. 'Now I'm come for the vows you promised me, You promised me long ago;' 'My former vows you must forgive, For I'm a wedded wife.'
  3. 'I might have been married to a king's daughter, Far, far ayont the sea; But I refused the crown of gold, And it's all for the love of thee.'
  4. 'If you might have married a king's daughter, Yourself you have to blame; For I'm married to a ship's-carpenter, And to him I have a son.
  5. 'Have you any place to put me in, If I with you should gang?' 'I've seven brave ships upon the sea, All laden to the brim.
  6. 'I'll build my love a bridge of steel, All for to help her oer; Likewise webs of silk down by her side, To keep my love from the cold.'
  7. She took her eldest son into her arms, And sweetly did him kiss: 'My blessing go with you, and your father too, For little does he know of this.'
  8. As they were walking up the street, Most beautiful for to Behold, He cast a glamour oer her face, And it shone like the brightest gold.
  9. As they were walking along the sea-side, Where his gallant ship lay in, So ready was the chair of gold To welcome this lady in.
  10. They had not sailed a league, a league, A league but scarsely three, Till altered grew his countenance, And raging grew the sea.
  11. When they came to yon sea-side, She set her down to rest; It's then she spied his cloven foot, Most bitterly she wept.
  12. 'O is it for gold that you do weep? Or is it for fear? Or is it for the man you left behind When that you did come here?'
  13. 'It is not for gold that I do weep, O no, nor yet for fear; But it is for the man I left behind When that I did come here.
  14. 'O what a bright, bright hill is yon, That shines so clear to see?' 'O it is the hill of heaven,' he said 'Where you shall never be.'
  15. 'O what a black, dark hill is yon, That looks so dark to me?' 'O it is the hill of hell,' he said, 'Where you and I shall be.
  16. 'Would you wish to see the fishes swim In the bottom of the sea, Or wish to see the leaves grow green On the banks of Italy?'
  17. 'I hope I'll never see the fishes swim On the bottom of the sea, But I hope to see the leaves grow green On the banks of Italy.'
  18. He took her up to the topmast high, To see what she could see; He sunk the ship in a flash of fire, To the bottom of the sea.