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The Baron o Leys

No: 241; variant: 241B

  1. THE Laird o Leys is to London gane; He was baith full and gawdie; For he shod his steed wi siller guid, And he's playd the ranting laddie.
  2. He hadna been in fair London A twalmonth and a quarter, Till he met wi a weel-faurd may, Wha wishd to know how they ca'd him.
  3. 'They ca me this, and they ca me that, And they're easy how they've ca'd me; But whan I'm at hame on bonnie Deeside They ca me The Ranting Laddie.'
  4. 'Awa wi your jesting, sir,' she said, 'I trow you're a ranting laddie; But something swells atween my sides, And I maun ken how they ca thee.'
  5. 'They ca me this, and they ca me that, And they're easy how they ca me; The Baron o Leys my title is, And Sandy Burnet they ca me.'
  6. 'Tell down, tell down ten thousand crowns, Or ye maun marry me the morn; Or headit of hangit ye sall be, For ye sanna gie me the scorn.'
  7. 'My head's the thing I canna weel want; My lady she loves me dearlie; Nor yet hae I means ye to maintain; Alas for the lying sae near thee!'
  8. But word's gane doun to the Lady o Leys That the Baron had got a babie: 'The waurst o news!' my lady she said, 'I wish I had hame my laddie.
  9. 'But I'll sell aff my jointure-house, Tho na mair I sud be a ladie; I'll sell a' to my silken goun, And bring hame my rantin laddie.'
  10. So she is on to London gane, And she paid the money on the morn; She paid it doun and brought him hame, And gien them a' the scorn.