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Glenlogie or Jean o Bethalnie

No: 238; variant: 238I

  1. 'THERE'S fifty young nobles rides up the king's hall And bonny Glenlogie's the flower of them all; Wi his milk-white steed, and his black rolling ee, If I get na Glenlogie, it's certain I'll die.
  2. 'Where will I get a bonny boy, to win hose and shoon, To go to Glenlogie and bid Logie come?' 'Here am I pretty boy, to win baith hose and shoon, To go to Glenlogie and bid Logie come.'
  3. When he came to Glenlogie, it was 'wash and go dine:' 'Come in, my pretty boy, wash and go dine:' 'It was no my father's fashion, and I hope it'll no be mine, To run a lady's hasty errand, then to go dine.
  4. 'Here take this letter, Glenlogie,' said he. The first ane line that he read, a low smile gave he; The next ane line that he read, the tear blinded his ee; But the next line that he read he garrd the table flee.
  5. 'O saddle to me the black horse, saddle to me the brown, Saddle to me the swiftest horse that eer rode frae the town:' But lang or the horses could be brought to the green Bonnie Glenlogie was twa mile his lean.
  6. When he came to Glenfeldy's gates, little mirth was there, Bonie Jean's mother was tearing her hair: 'You're welcome, Glenlogie, you're welcome to me, You're welcome, Glenlogie, your Jeanie to see.'
  7. O pale and wan was she when Logie came in, But red and rosy grew she wheneer he sat down; 'O turn you, bonie Jeanie, O turn you to me, For, if you'll be the bride, the bridegroom I will be.'