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Glenlogie or Jean o Bethalnie

No: 238; variant: 238H

  1. SIX and six nobles gaed to Behelvie fair, But bonnie Glenlogie was flowr o a' there; Bonnie Jean o Belhelvie gaed tripping doun the stair, And fancied Glenlogie afore a' that was there.
  2. She said to his serving-man, as he stood aside, O what is that man's name, and whare does he bide? 'They call him Glenlogie whan he goes frae home, But he's come o the grand gordons, and [h]is name is Lord John.'
  3. 'Glenlogie, Glenlogie, be constant and kind; I've laid my love on you, I'll tell you my mind:' 'O wae's me heart, Jeanie, your tocher's oure sma; Lay na your love on me, foe I'm promised awa.'
  4. She called for the servant to show her a room, Likewise for a handmaid to mak her bed doun; Wi that Jeanie's father cam stepping on the floor, Says, What is the matter my dochter lies here?
  5. 'Forgie, honourd father, my folly,' said she, 'But for the sake o Glenlogie your dochter will dee:' 'O cheer up, my dochter, for I'll gie ye my hand That ye'se get young Glenforbar, w' an earldom of land.
  6. 'O cheer up, my dochter, turn ance frae the wa, And ye'll get Glenforbar, the flowr o them a':' 'I wad rather tak Glenlogie wi his staff in his hand Afore I wad tak Glenforbar wi an earldom of land.'
  7. Jeanie's father was a scholar, and a man o grit wit, And he wrote him a letter, he thought it was fit.
  8. When Glenlogie gat the letter, he was amang nobles a', . . . he lute his hat fa: 'I wonder i the warld what women see at me, For bonnie Jean o Belhelvie is a dying for me:'
  9. He calld for his servant to saddle his steed, . . . wi speed; The horse was na saddled, but out on the green, Till bonnie Glenlogie was some miles him leen.
  10. Whan he cam to Belhelvie, he rade round about, And he saw Jeanie's father at a window look out.
  11. Bonnie Jean o Belhelvie lay pale and wan, But red and ruddy grew she when Glenlogie cam in: 'Lie yont, bonnie Jeanie, and let me lie down, For ye'se be bride, and I'se be bridegroom.'