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Glenlogie or Jean o Bethalnie

No: 238; variant: 238F

  1. FOURSCORE nobles ride in the king's court, And bonny Earl Ogie's the flower of the rout; Fourscore lean oer the castle-wa, But Jean of Bethelnie's the flower of em a'.
  2. She writ a broad letter, and pennd it fou lang, And sent it Earl Ogie as fast as 't can gang: 'Bonny Earl Ogie, be courteous and kind; I've laid my love on thee; maun I die in my prime?'
  3. 'O pox on thee, Jenny, for being sae slaw! Bonny Earl Ogie is promisd awa:' This letter was like to mak her heart break, For revealing her mind to a man so ingrate.
  4. 'Come here, all my handmaids, O do this with speed, Take my gowns and my passments, and lay me to bed; Lay me to bed, it is all that I crave; Wi my sark in my coffin, lay me in my grave.'
  5. Her father beheld her with heart full of grief, And spoke these words to her, to gi her relief: Hawd your tongue, Jenny, your mourning let be, You shall have drumfinely, who's as good as he.
  6. 'Haud your tongue, father, your words make me sad; If I get not Earl Ogie, I still shall be bad; With his bonny streight body, and black rolling eee, If I get not Earl Ogie, for him I mun dee.'
  7. Her father, king's chaplain, and one of great skill, Did write a broad letter, and pennd it fou weel; He as writ a broad letter, and pennd it fou lang, And sent it Earl Ogie as fast as 't can gang.
  8. 'Bonny Earl Ogie, be courteous and kind; My daughter loves you; must she die in her prime?' When he read the first lines, a loud laugh gave he; But or he redd the middle, the tear filld his ee,
  9. 'Come here, all my footmen, and also my groom, Go saddle my horses, and saddle them soon:' They were not weel saddled and set on the green Or bonny Earl Ogie was twa mile his lain.
  10. When he came to Bethelnie, he nothing saw there But mourning and weeping, lamentation and care: 'O you that's her handmaid, take me by the hand, Lead me to the chamber that Jenny lies in.'
  11. When thither he came, she was pale and half dead; As soon as she saw him, her cheeks they grew red: 'Come, turn thee, my Jenny, come, turn on thy side, I'll be the bridegroom, you shall be the bride.'
  12. Her spirit revived to hear him say sae, And thus ended luckily all her great wae; Then streight were they married, with joy most profound, And Jean of Bethelnie was sav'd from the ground.