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The Laird o Drum

No: 236; variant: 236F

  1. 'OH, will ye fancy me, fair maid? Oh, will ye fancy me? O Or will ye go to be ladye o the Drum, An let a' your shearin abe? O An let a' your shearin abe? O An let a' your shearin abe?' O
  2. 'I can neither read nor write, Nor neer been brocht up at schule; But I can do all other things, An keep a hoose richt weel.
  3. 'My faither he's a puir shepherd-man, Herds his hogs on yonder hill; Gin ye will go get his consent, Then I'll be at your call.'
  4. He has gane to her father, That herds hogs on yonder hill; He said, 'You've got a pretty daughter, I'd fain tak her to my sel.'
  5. 'She can neither read nor write, Was neer brocht up at schule; But she can do all other things, An I learnt aye the lassie my sel.
  6. 'She'll milk your cows, she'll carry your corn, She'll gang to the mill or the kiln; She'll saddle your steed at any time of need, And she'll brush up your boots hersel.'
  7. 'It's who will bake my bridal bread? Or who will brew my ale? Or who will welcome this bonnie lassie in? For it's more than I can tell.'
  8. There's four-and-twenty gentlemen Stand doun at the gate o the Drum; Not one of them all would take off his hat For to welcome the bonnie lassie in.
  9. . . . . . . . . 'Oh, brother, you've married a wife this day A disgrace to all our kin.'
  10. 'Oh, brother, I've married a wife to win, And ye've got one to spen, And as long as the bonnie lassie walks out and in She shall aye be the ladye o the Drum.'
  11. When all was done, and no bells rung, And all men bound for their bed, The laird and the shepherd's bonnie daughter In one bed they were laid.
  12. 'Though I'm not of as noble blood, Nor yet of as high degree, Now I lie locked in your arms two, And you must be contented wi me.
  13. 'If you were dead, and I were dead, And baith laid in one grave, If we were baith to be raised up again, Wha would ken your dust frae mine?