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The Laird o Drum

No: 236; variant: 236C

  1. THERE was a shepherd's daughter Sheering at the bear, And by cam the Laird o Drum, On an evening clear.
  2. 'O will ye fancy me, fair maid? O will ye fancy me? O will ye fancy me, fair maid, An lat the sheering be?'
  3. 'O say na sae again, kind sir, O say na sae again; I'm owr low to be your bride, Ye'r born owr high a man.'
  4. Said, Fair maid, O rare maid, Will ye on me rue? Amang a' the lasses o the land I fancy nane but you.
  5. 'Lay your love on another,' she said, 'And lay it not on me, For I'm owr low to be your bride, Your miss I'll never be.
  6. 'Yonder is my father dear, Wi hogs upon yon hill; Gif ye get but his consent, I shall be at your will.'
  7. He's taen him to her father dear, Keeps hogs upon yon hill, An he has gotten his consent, The may was at his will.
  8. 'My daughter canna read or write, She never was at school; Weel can she milk cow and ewe, An serve your house fu weel.
  9. 'Weel can she shack you barns And gae to mill an kill, Saddle your steed in time o need, And draw your boots hirsel.
  10. 'She canna wear your silk sae fine, Nor yet your silver clear; The hue o the ewe man be her weed, Altho she was your dear.'
  11. He's wedded the shepherd's daughter, An he has taen her hame; He's wedded the shepherd's daughter, And led her on to Drum.
  12. There were four an twenty bold barons Stood at the yet o Drum; There was na ane amang them a' That welcomd his lady hame.
  13. Out then spak his brother dear, Says, Ye'v done mickel wrong; Ye'v wedded a mean woman, The lack o a' her kin.
  14. 'I never did thee wrong, brother, I never did thee wrong; I've wedded a woman to work and win, An ye hae ane to spen.
  15. 'The last woman I wedded Was aboon my degree; I could na sit in her presence But wi hat upon my knee.'
  16. He's taen her by the milk-white hand An led her but an ben, An in the ha, amang them a', He's hailed her Lady Drum.
  17. 'Now I've wedded the Shepherd's daughter, An I hae brought her hame, In the ha, amang ye a', She is welcome hame to Drum.'