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The Laird o Drum

No: 236; variant: 236A

  1. O IT fell out upon a day, When Drums was going to ride, O And there he met with a well-far'd may, Keeping her flocks on yon side. O
  2. 'O fair may, O rare may, Can not you fancy me? Of a' the lasses here about I like nane so well as thee.'
  3. 'Set your love on another, kind sir, Set it not on me, For I'm not fit to be your bride, And your whore I'll never be.'
  4. Drums is to her father gane, Keeping his flocks on yon hill, And he has gotten his consent, And the maid was at his will.
  5. 'My daughter can neither read nor write, She was neer brought up at school; But well can she milk cow and ewe, And make a kebbuck well.
  6. 'She'll winn in your barn at bear-seed time, Cast out your muck at Yule; She'll saddle your steed in time o need, Draw aff your boots hersell.'
  7. 'Have not I no clergymen? Pay I no clergy fee? I'll school her as I think fit, And as I think fit to be.'
  8. Drums is to the Highlands gane For to be made ready, And a' the gentry thereabout Says, Yonder comes Drums and his lady.
  9. 'Peggy Coutts is a very bonnie bride, And Drums is a wealthy laddie; But Drums might hae chosen a higher match Than any shepherd's daughter.'
  10. Then up bespake his brother John, Says, Brother you've done us wrong; You've married ane below our degree, A stain to a' our kin.
  11. 'Hold your tongue, my brother John, I have done you no wrong; For I've married ane to wirk and win, And ye've married ane to spend.
  12. 'The last time that I had a wife, She was above my degree; I durst not come in her presence But with my hat on my knee.'
  13. There was four-and-twenty gentlemen Stood at the yetts o Drum; There was na ane amang them a' That welcomd his lady in.
  14. He's taen her by the milk-white hand And led her in himsell, And in thro ha's and thro bowers, 'And you're welcome, Lady o Drum.'
  15. Thrice he kissd her cherry cheek, And thrice her cherry chin, And twenty times her comely mouth, 'And you're welcome, Lady o Drum.'
  16. 'Ye shall be cook in my kitchen, Butler in my ha; Ye shall be lady at my command When I ride far awa.'
  17. 'But what will I do when auld Drum dies, When auld Drum dies and leaves me? Then I'll tak back my word again, And the Coutts will come and see me.'