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The Earl of Aboyne

No: 235; variant: 235H

  1. THE Earl of Boon's to London gone, And all his merry men with him; For a' the ribbonds hang at his horse's main, He has left his lady behind him.
  2. He had not been a night in town, Nor a day into the city, Until that the letters they came to him, And the ladies they did invite him.
  3. His lady has lookit oer her left shoulder, To see if she saw him coming, And then she saw her ain good lord, Just newly come from London.
  4. 'Come kiss me, my dear, come kiss me,' he said, 'Come kiss me for my coming, For if I had staid another day in town Tomorrow I would hae been married in Lunnon.'
  5. She turned about wi a very saucy look, As saucy as eer did a woman; Says, If a' be true that I've heard of you, You may go back and kiss your whores in Lunnon.
  6. 'Go call on Jack, my waiting-man,' he said, 'Go saddle and make him ready; For I maun away to the Bughts o Gight, To speak to the Marquess of Huntly.'
  7. He had not been at the Bughts of the Gight, Nor the horses yet weel bated, Until that the letters came ta him That his lady was newly streeket.
  8. 'Wae's me, my dear! wae's me!' he said, 'It waes me for my coming; For I wad rather lost a' the Bughts o the Gight Or I had lost my bonny Peggy Irvine.'