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The Earl of Aboyne

No: 235; variant: 235F

  1. THE Earl of Aboyne is to London gane, And a' his nobles with him; He's left his lady him behin, He's awa, to remain in Lundon.
  2. She's called upon her waiting-maid To busk her in her claithin; Her sark was o cambrick very fine, And her bodice was the red buckskin.
  3. Her stockings were o silk sae fine, And her shoon o the fine cordan; Her coat was o the guid green silk, Turnit up wi a siller warden.
  4. Her goun was also o the silk, Turned up wi a siller warden, And stately tripped she doun the stair, As she saw her gude lord comin.
  5. She gaed thro the close and grippit his horse, Saying, Ye're welcome hame frae London! 'Gin that be true, come kiss me now, Come kiss me for my coming.
  6. 'For blythe and cantie may ye be, And thank me for my comin, For the morn would hae been my wedding-day Had I remained in London.'
  7. She turnd her richt and round about, She was a waefu woman: 'Gin the morn would hae been your weddin-day, Gae kiss your whores in London.'
  8. He turned him richt and round about, He was sorry for his comin: 'Loup on your steeds, ye nobles a', The morn we'll dine in London.'
  9. She lived a year in meikle wae, And the doctors dealin wi her; At lang and last her heart it brast And the letters gade to London.
  10. And when he saw the seals o black, He fell in a deadly weeping; He said, She's dead whom I loed best, And she had my heart in keeping.
  11. 'Loup on your steeds, ye nobles a', I'm sorry for our comin; Frae our horse to our hat, we'll gae in black, And we'll murn for Peggy Irwine.'
  12. They rade on but stap or stay Till they came to her father's garden, Whare fifty o the bravest lords Were convoying Peggy Irwine.