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The Earl of Aboyne

No: 235; variant: 235E

  1. 'MY maidens fair, yoursels prepare.'
  2. You may weel knaw by her hair, wi the diamonds sae rare, That the Earl of Aboyne was comin.
  3. 'My minstrels all, be at my call, Haud a' your rooms a ringin, . . . . For the Earl of Aboyne is comin.'
  4. 'Tomorrow soud hae been my bonnie waddin-day, If I had staid in London.'
  5. She turned her aboot wi an angry look, An sic an angry woman! 'Gin tomorrow soud hae been your bonnie waddin-day, Gae back to your miss in Lunnon.'
  6. For mony a day an year that lady lived in care, An doctors wi her dealin, Till just in a crack her very heart did brak, An her letters went on to Lunnon.
  7. There waur four-and-twenty o the noblest lords That Lonnon could aford him, A' clead in black frae the saidle to the hat, To convey the corpse o Peggy Ewan.
  8. 'I'd rather hae lost a' the lands o Aboyne Than lost my pretty Peggy Ewan.'