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Charlie MacPherson

No: 234; variant: 234B

  1. CHARLIE M'PHERSON, that brisk Highland laddie, At Valentine even he came to Kinadie:
  2. To court her Burd Helen, baith waking and sleeping; Joy be wi them that has her a keeping!
  3. Auldtown and Muirtown, likewise Billy Beg, All gaed wi Charlie, for to be his guide.
  4. Jamie M'Robbie, likewise Wattie Nairn, All gaed wi Charlie, for to be his warran.
  5. When they came to Kinadie, they knockd at the door; When nae ane woud answer, they gaed a loud roar.
  6. 'Ye'll open the door, mistress, and lat us come in; For tidings we've brought frae your appearant guid-son.'
  7. For to defend them, she was not able; They bangd up the stair, sat down at the table.
  8. 'Ye'll eat and drink, gentlemen, and eat at your leisure; Nae thing's disturb you, take what's your pleasure.'
  9. 'O madam,' said he, 'I'm come for your daughter; Lang hae I come to Kinadie and there sought her.
  10. 'Now she's gae wi me for mony a mile, Before that I return unto the West Isle.'
  11. 'My daughter's not at home, she is gone abroad; Ye darena now steal her, her tocher is guid.
  12. 'My daughter's in Whitehouse, wi Mistress Dalgairn; Joy be wi them that waits on my bairn!'
  13. The swords an the targe that hang about Charlie, They had sic a glitter, and set him sae rarelie!
  14. They had sic a glitter, and kiest sic a glamour, They showed mair light than they had in the chamour.
  15. To Whitehouse he went, and when he came there Right sair was his heart when he went up the stair.
  16. Burd Helen was sitting by Thomas' bed-side, And all in the house were addressing her, bride.
  17. 'O farewell now, Helen, I'll bid you adieu; Is this a' the comfort I'm getting frae you?
  18. 'It was never my intention ye shoud be the waur; My heavy heart light on Whitehouse o Cromar!
  19. 'For you I hae travelled full mony lang mile, Awa to Kinadie, far frae the West Isle.
  20. 'But now ye are married, and I am the waur; My heavy heart light on Whitehouse o Cromar!'