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Richie Story

No: 232; variant: 232F

  1. THE Erle of Wigton had three daughters, O braw wallie, but they were bonnie! The youngest o them, and the bonniest too, Has fallen in love wi Richie Storie.
  2. 'Here's a letter for ye, madame, Here's a letter for ye, madame; The Erle o Home wad fain presume To be a suitor to ye, madame.'
  3. 'I'l hae nane o your letters, Richie; I'l hae nane o your letters, Richie; For I've made a vow, and I'll keep it true, The I'l have none but you, Richie.'
  4. 'O do not say so, madame; O do not say so, madame; For I have neither land nor rent, For to maintain you o, madame.
  5. 'Ribands ye maun wear, madame, Ribands ye maun wear, madame; With the bands about your neck O the goud that shines sae clear, madame.'
  6. 'I'l lie ayont a dyke, Richie, I'l lie ayont a dyke, Richie; And I'l be aye at your command And bidding, whan ye like, Richie.'
  7. O he's gane on the braid, braid road, And she's gane through the broom sae bonnie, Her silken robes down to her heels, And she's awa wi Richie Storie.
  8. This lady gade up the Parliament stair, Wi pendles in her lugs sae bonnie; Mony a lord lifted his hat, But little did they ken she was richie's lady.
  9. Up then spak the Erle o Home's lady; 'Was na ye richt sorrie, Annie, To leave the lands o bonnie Cumbernauld And follow Richie Storie, Annie?'
  10. 'O what need I be sorrie, madame? O what need I be sorrie, madame? For I've got them that I like best, And war ordained for me, madame.'
  11. 'Cumbernauld is mine, Annie, Cumbernauld is mine, Annie; And a' that's mine, it shall be thine, As we sit at the wine, Annie.'