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Richie Story

No: 232; variant: 232D

  1. AS I came in by Thirlwirl Bridge, A coming frae the land of fair Camernadie, There I met my ain true love, Wi ribbons at her shoulders many.
  2. 'Here is a letter to you, madam; [Here is a letter to you, madam;] The Earl of Hume's eldest son Sent this letter to you, madam.
  3. 'I'll have none of his [letters], Richy, I'll have none of his letters, Richy; I made a vow, and I'll keep it true, I'll wed wi nane but you, Richy.'
  4. 'Say not so again, madam, Say not so again, madam; I have neither lands nor rents To maintain you on, madam.'
  5. 'I'll sit aneath the duke, Richy, I'll sit aneath the duke, Richy; I'll sit on hand, at your command At ony time ye like, Richy.'
  6. As they came in by Thirlewirle Bridge, A coming frae fair Cummernadie, She brak the ribbons that tied her shoon Wi following after the footman-laddie.
  7. 'O but ye be sad, sister, O but ye be sad and sorry, To eave the lands o bonnie Cummernad, To gang alang wi a footman-laddie!'
  8. 'How can I be sad, sister? How can I be sad or sorry? I have gotten my heart's delight; And what can ye get mair?' says she.
  9. To the house-end Richy brought his lady, To the house-end Richy brought his lady; Her mother-in-law gart her kilt her coats, And muck the byre wi Richy Story.