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The Earl of Errol

No: 231; variant: 231F

  1. O ERROLL is a bonny place, And stands upon yon plane, But the lady lost the rights o it Yestreen or she came hame.
  2. O Erroll is a bonny place, And lyes forenent the sun, And the apples they grow red and white, And peers o bonny green.
  3. 'I nedna wash my apron, Nor hing it on the door; But I may tuck my petticoat, Hangs even down before.
  4. 'Oh, Erroll, Erroll, Oh, Erroll if ye ken, Why should I love Erroll, Or any of his men?'
  5. She's turned her right and round about, Poured out a glass o wine; Says, I will drink to my true love, He'll drink to me again.
  6. O Erroll stud into the fleer, He was an angry man: 'See here it is a good gray-hun, We'll try what is the run.'
  7. Then Erroll stud into the fleer, Steered neither ee nor bree, Till that he saw his good gray-hun Was burst and going free.
  8. 'But ye are Kate Carnegie,' he said, 'And I am Sir Gilbert Hay; I'se gar your father sell Kinnaird, Your tocher-good to pay.'
  9. Now she is on to Edinburgh, A' for to use the law, And brave Erroll has followed her, His yellow locks to sheu.
  10. Out and spak her sister Jean, And an angry woman was she; 'If I were lady of Erroll, And hed as fair a face, I would no go to Edinburgh, My good lord to disgrace.'