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Glasgow Peggie

No: 228; variant: 228F

  1. THE young Maclean is brisk and bauld, The young Maclean is rash an ready, An he is to the Lowlands gane, To steal awa a bonnie ladye.

  1. Out an spak her auld father, An O! but he spak wondrous angry; 'Ye may steal my cows an ewes, But ye shall not steal my dochter Peggie.'
  2. 'O haud your tongue, ye gude auld man, For I hae gear enough already; I cum na for your cows an ewes, But I cum for your dochter Peggie.'
  3. He set her on a milk-white steed, Himsel upon a gude gray naggie, An they are to the Highlands gane, The young Maclean an his bonnie ladye.