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Glasgow Peggie

No: 228; variant: 228E

  1. THE Hielan lads sae brisk and braw, The Hielan lads sae brisk and gaudie, Hae gane awa to Glasgow town, To steal awa the bonny Peggy.
  2. As they came on to Glasgow town, And passd the banks and braes sae bonny, There they espied the weel-faurd may, And she said to them her name was Peggy.
  3. Their chief did meet her father soon, And O! but he was wondrous angry; Says, Ye may steal my owsen and kye, But ye maunna steal my bonnie Peggy.
  4. 'O haud your tongue, ye gude auld man, For I've got cows and ewes already; I come na to steal your owsen and kye, But I will steal your bonny Peggy.'
  5. He set her on a milk-white steed, And he himsel rode a gude grey naigie, And they are on mony miles to the north, And nane wi them but the bonny Peggy.
  6. 'I hae fifty acres o gude red lan, And a' weel ploughd and sawn already, And why should your father be angry wi me, And ca me naething but a Hielan laddie?
  7. 'I hae twenty weel mounted steeds, Black and brown and grey, already; And ilk ane o them is tended by a groom, Altho I be but a Hielan laddie.
  8. 'I hae now ten thousand sheep, A' feeding on yon braes sae bonny, And ilka hundred a shepherd has, Altho I be but a Hieland laddie.
  9. 'I hae a castle on yonder hill, It's a' set roun wi windows many; I'm Lord M'Donald o the whole Isle of Skye; And why shouldna Peggy be ca'd my Lady?'
  10. Now a' that Peggy had before Was a wee cot-house and a little kail-yairdie, But now she is lady o the whole Isle o Skye, And now bonny Peggy is ca'd my Lady.