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Glasgow Peggie

No: 228; variant: 228D

  1. A BONNY laddie brisk and gay, A handsome youth sae brisk and gaddie, And he is on to Glasgow town, To steal awa his bonny Peggy.
  2. When he came into Glasgow town, Upon her father's green sae steady, 'Come forth, come forth, old man,' he says, 'For I am come for bonny Peggy.'
  3. Out it spake her father then; 'Begone from me, ye Highland laddie; There's nane in a' the West Country Dare steal from me my bonny Peggy.'
  4. 'I've ten young men all at my back, That ance to me were baith true and steady; If ance I call, they'll soon be nigh, And bring to me my bonny Peggy.'
  5. Out it spake her mother then, Dear! but she spake wondrous saucy; Says, Ye may steal a cow or ewe, But I'll keep sight o my ain lassie.
  6. 'Hold your tongue, old woman,' he says, 'Ye think your wit it is fu ready; For cow nor ewe I ever stole, But I will steal your bonny Peggy.'
  7. Then all his men they boldly came, That was to him baith true and steady, And thro the ha they quickly went, And forth they carried bonny Peggy.
  8. Her father gae mony shout and cry, Her mother cursed the Highland laddie; But he heard them as he heard them not, But fixd his eye on bonny Peggy.
  9. He set her on his milk-white steed, And he himsell on his grey naigie; Still along the way they rode, And he's awa wi bonny Peggy.
  10. Says, I wad gie baith cow and ewe, And sae woud I this tartan plaidie, That I was far into the north, And alang wi me my bonny Peggy.
  11. As they rode down yon pleasant glen, For trees and brambles were right mony, There they met the Earl o Hume, And his young son, were riding bonny.
  12. Then out it spake the young Earl Hume, Dear! but he spake wondrous gaudie; 'I'm wae to see sae fair a dame Riding alang wi a Highland laddie.'
  13. 'Hold you tongue, ye young Earl Hume, O dear! but ye do speak right gaudie; There's nae a lord in a' the south Dare eer compete wi a Highland laddie.'
  14. Then he rade five miles thro the north, Thro mony hills sae rough and scroggie, Till they came down to a low glen, And he lay down wi bonny Peggy.
  15. Then he inclosed her in his arms, And rowd her in his tartan plaidie: 'There are blankets and sheets in my father's house, How have I lien down wi a Highland laddie!'
  16. Says he, There are sheep in my father's fauld, And every year their wool is ready; By the same our debts we pay, Altho I be but a Highland laddie.
  17. 'There are fifty cows in my father's byre, That all are tyed to the stakes and ready, Five thousand pounds I hae ilk year, Altho I be but a Highland laddie.
  18. 'My father has fifty well shod horse, Besides your steed and my grey naigie; I'm Donald o the Isle o Sky, Why may not you be ca'd a lady?
  19. 'See ye not yon fine castle, On yonder hill that stands sae gaudie? And there we'll win this very night, Where ye'll enjoy your Highland laddie.'