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Lizie Lindsay

No: 226; variant: 226[H]

  1. Ther lives a maid in Edinbrugh citty, Elisa Lindsy they call her by name; Monye an came to court her, But a' ther suit was in vain.
  2. Out spak the hear of Carnusse:, An out spak he; 'Fat wad ye think of me if I wad gae to Edinbrugh citty An bring this fair creatur we me?'
  3. 'If ye gae to Edinbrugh city An bring this fair creatur we the, Bring her home we ne flatry, But by grait policy.'
  4. Fan he came to the Netherbou, Elisa Lindsy for to see, She drank we him a bottel of cherry, And bare him gued company.
  5. 'Will ye goo to the Hillands we me, Lisee? Will ye go to [the] Hillands we me? . . . . . . . . Ye's gett cruds an grean why.'
  6. Out spak Lissy's mother, An out spak she; 'If ye say so to my daughter, [I] swaer I ell gar ye die.'
  7. 'Keep well yer dother, old lady, Keep well yer dother fra me, For I care as littel for yer dother As she dos for me.'
  8. Out spak Lissie Lindsy, We the tear in her eay; 'I will gie ye ten gunies, If ye wad bat sitt in my roum bat a whill Till I dra you[r] picter, To mind me on your swit smill.'
  9. 'I care as littel for your ten gunies As ye dou for mine, But if ye love my person, Goo we me if ye inclayn.'
  10. Fan they came to Carnusie, an even to the glen, Out came the old day: 'Ye'r welcom home, Sir Donall, ye'r welcom home, An that fair creatur ye we.'
  11. 'Caa na me mare Sir Donald, Bat caa me Donall, yer son, An I'll caa ye my mother, An caa me Donall, yer son:' The words wer spoken in Ears, Lissie she had nean.
  12. 'Gett us a supper of cruds, [A supper of cruds] an green whay, An a bed of the best of yeer rushes, Besids a covering of gray.'
  13. Lissy Lindsy bieng weary, She lay over long in they day: 'Win up, Lissy Lindsy, Ye haa layen our lang in the day; Ye might haa ben out we my mider, Milken the eus an the kay.'
  14. Out spak Lissie Lindsy, The tear in her eay; 'I wiss I wer in Edenbrugh citty, I canne: milk eus nor kay.'
  15. 'Hold your toung, Lissie Lindsy, An dou not freat on me, For I will haa ye back to Edenbrugh citty, Nou we grait safity.'
  16. Out spak Lissie Lindsy, The tear in her eay; 'If I wer in Edenbrugh citty, They woud think littel of me.'
  17. He touk her by the milk-white hand, Some other forest to vue; . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  18. Fan they came to Carnusy, out came Donal's father, A gay old knight was he; Out cam Donald's father, An four-an-tuenty him we.
  19. 'Ye'r welcom, Lissie Lends[y], Dear welcom to me; Ye's be Lady Carnusie, An gett Donal, my son.'
  20. Out came Donald's mother, An four-an-tuenty her we: 'Ye'r welcom, my son, An that fair creatur ye we.'