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Lizie Lindsay

No: 226; variant: 226D

  1. THERE dwalt a lass in the South Countrie, Lizzy Lindsay called by name, And many a laird and lord sought her, But nane o them a' could her gain.
  2. Out spoke the heir o Kinkawsie, An down to his fader spoke he; 'Fat would ye think o me, fadther, Fat would ye think o me, To go to Edinburgh city, Bring hame Lizzy Lindsay wi me?'
  3. Out and spoke his auld modther, An auld revrend lady was she; 'Court her wi nae fause flatterie, But in great policie.'
  4. He was nae in Edinbruch citie But a twalmont an a day, When a' the young lairds an the ladies Went forth to sport an play: There was nane like Lizzy Lindsay, She was baith gallan an gay.
  5. 'Will ye go to the Hielans, Lizzy Linsay? Will ye go to the Hielans wi me? If ye'll go to the Hielans, Lizz[y] Linsay, I'll gar ye get crouds an green whey.'
  6. 'How can I go to the Hielans? Or hoo will I go with thee? I dinna ken whaar I'm going, Or fa 'tis I would go wi.'
  7. ' my fadther he is an auld couper, My modther a brave auld dey; If ye'll go to the Hieland[s], Lizzy Linsay, I'll gar ye get cruds and green whey.'
  8. Out it spoke Lizzy's best maiden, A wat a fine creature was she; 'Tho I were born heir till a crown, It's young Donald that I would go wi.'
  9. 'Oh say ye sae to me, Nelly? Oh say ye sae to me? Will I cast off my fine gowns and laces, An gae to the Highlans him wi?'
  10. She's putten her hand in her pocket, She's taen out ten guineas roun: 'And that wad I gie to thee, Donald, To stay but ae hour i my room, Till I get your fair pictur painted, To haud me unthought lang.'
  11. 'I care as little for your guineas As you can care for mine; But gin that ye like my fair face, Then gae wi me, if that ye incline.'
  12. Out it spak Lizzy's auld mither, I wite a fine lady was she; 'Gin I hear you speak sae to my daughter, I vow I'se cause them hang thee.'
  13. He turned about on his heel, And a loud, loud laughter gae he: 'They are not in Edinburgh city, I trow, that dare hamg me.
  14. 'But an ye come to the Canongate-Port---- An there ye'll be sure to see me---- Bring wi ye a bottle of sherry, I'll bear you good company.'
  15. They sought all Edinboro citie, They sought it roun an roun, Thinkin to fin Lizzy Lindsay, But awa to the Highlans she's gane.
  16. Whan they came to the shielin, Out bespoke the ould dye; 'You're welcome home, Sir Donald, Lang hae we been thinkin for thee.'
  17. 'Ye'll call nae mair Sir Donald, Ye'll call me nae sic thing; But ye'se be my auld mither, And I'se be Donald your sin.
  18. 'Ye'll mak for us a supper, A supper o cruds and green whey, And likewise a bed o green rashes, For Lizzy and I to ly.'
  19. She's made for them a supper, A supper o cruds and why, And likewise a bed o green rashes, For Lizzy and him to ly.
  20. But Donald rose up i the mornin, The rest o his glens to spy; It was to look for his goats, His goats, his yows, an his kye.
  21. But Lizzy, beein wearied wi travel, She lay till 'twas lang i the day: 'Get up, get up, Lizzy Linsay, What maks you sae lang for to ly? You had better been helping my mither To milk her yews and her kye.'
  22. But Lizzy drew till her her stockins, The tears fell down on her eye: 'I wish I were at Edinboro city, I can neither milk yews nor kye.'
  23. 'Oh hold your tongue, Lizzy Linsay, Your weepin I mustna be wi; I'll sen you hame to your mither, In the greatest o safety.'
  24. But he has tane her by the han, And has shewn her the straight way to go: 'An dont you see bonny Kincawsie, Wher you and I is to ly?'
  25. Out then comes his old mither, An twenty brave knichts her wi: 'Y're welcome home, Sir Donald, Lang hae we been thinkin for thee.'
  26. Out then comes his old father, An twenty brave ladies him wi: 'You'r welcome home, Sir Donald, An that fair creature you wi.'
  27. He's taken her by the han, An he's shewn her the straight way in: 'An ye'se be Lady Kincawsie, An ye'se hae Donal, my sin.'