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Lizie Lindsay

No: 226; variant: 226A

OUT it spake Lizee Linzee, The tear blinket in her ee; How can I leave father and mother, Along with young Donald to gae! 2. Out spoke Lizee's young handmaid, A bonny young lassie was she; Said, Were I heress to a kingdom, Along with young Donald I'd ga. 3. 'O say ye so to me, Nelly? O say ye so to me? Must I leave Edinburgh city, To the high Highland to gae?' 4. Out spoke Lizie's own mother, A good old lady was she; If you speak such a word to my dochter, I'll gar hang [you] hi. 5. 'Keep well your dochter from me, madam, Keep well your dochter fa me; For I care as little for your dochter As ye can care for me.' 6. The road grew wetty and dubby, And Lizee began to think lang; Said, I wish had staid with my mother, And nae wi young Donald had gane. 7. 'You'r welcome hame, Sir Donald, You'r thrice welcome to me; You'r welcome hame, Sir Donald, And your young lady you wi.' 8. . . . . . . . . 'Ye call na me Sir Donald, But ca me Donald your son.' 9. 'Rise up, Lizee Linzee, You [have] lain too long in the day; Ye might have helped my mother To milch her goats and her kie.' 10. Out it spake Lizee Linzee, The tear blinket in her eye; 'The ladys of Edinburgh city, They neither milch goats nor kie.'