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Rob Roy

No: 225; variant: 225J

  1. FROM Drunkie in the Highlands, With four and twenty men, Rob Oig is cam, a lady fair To carry from the plain.
  2. Glengyle and James with him are cam, To steal Jean Mitchell's dauchter, And they have borne her far away, To haud his house in order.
  3. And he has taen Jean Key's white hand, And torn her grass-green sleeve, And rudely tyed her on his horse, At her friends asked nae leave.
  4. They rode till they cam to Ballyshine, At Ballyshine they tarried; Nae time he gave her to be dressed, In cotton gown her married.
  5. Three held her up before the priest, Four carried her to bed, O; Wi watery eyes and mournfu sighs She in bed wi Rob was laid, O.
  6. 'Haud far awa from me, Rob Oig, Haud far awa from me! Before I lose my maidenhead, I'll try my strength with thee.'
  7. She's torn the cap from off her head And thrown it to the way, But ere she lost her maidenhead She fought with him till day.
  8. 'Wae fa, Rob Oig, upon your head, For you have ravished me, And taen from me my maidenhead; O would that I could dee!'
  9. 'My father he is Rob Roy called, And he has cows and ewes, And you are now my wedded wife, And can nae longer chuse.'