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Rob Roy

No: 225; variant: 225E

  1. ROB ROY from the Highlands cam Unto our Scottish border, And he has stown a lady fair, To haud his house in order.
  2. And when he cam he surrounded the house; Twenty men their arms did carry; And he has stown this lady fair, On purpose her for to marry.
  3. And whan he cam he surrounded the house; No tidings there cam before him, Or else the lady would have been gone, For still she did abhor him.
  4. Wi murnfu cries and watery eyes, Fast hauding by her mother, Wi murnfu cries and watery eyes They parted frae each other.
  5. Nae time he gied her to be dressed As ladys do when they're bride, O, But he hastened and hurried her awa, And he rowd her in his plaid, O.
  6. They rade till they cam to Ballyshine, At Ballyshine they tarried; He bought to her a cotton gown, Yet would she never be married.
  7. Three held her up before the priest, Four carried her to bed, O, Wi watery eyes and murnfu sighs When she behind was laid, O.
  8. 'O be content, be content, Be content to stay, lady, For you are my wedded wife Unto my dying day, lady. Be content, etc.
  9. 'My father is Rob Roy called, MacGregor is his name, lady; In all the country whare he dwells, He does succeed the fame, lady. Be content, etc.
  10. 'My father he has cows and ewes, And goats he has anew, lady, And you and twenty thousand merks Will mak me a man complete, lady.' Be content, etc.