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Rob Roy

No: 225; variant: 225A

  1. ROB ROY, frae the high Highlands, Came to the Lawlan border; It was to steel a lady away, To keep his Highland house in order.
  2. As he came in by White House, He sent nae ane before him; She wad hae secured the house, For she did ay abhor him.
  3. Twenty men surrount the house, an twenty they went in, They found her wi her mither; Wi sighs and cries an watery eyes They parted frae ane anither.
  4. 'O will ye be my dear?' he says, 'Or will ye be my honnie? O will ye be my wedded wife? I lee you best of ony.'
  5. 'I winna be your dear,' [she says,] 'Nor will I be your honnie, Nor will I be your wedded wife; Ye lee me for my money.'
  6. . . by the way, This lady aftimes fainted; Says, Woe be to my cursed gold, This road for me's invented!
  7. He gave her no time for to dress Like ladies when they're ridin, But set her on hie horseback, Himsel was ay beside her.
  8. Whan they came to the Black House, And at Stirling tarried, There he bought her coat and gown, But she would not [be] married.
  9. Four men held her to the priest, An four they did her bed, Wi sighs and cries an watery eyes Whan she by him was laid.
  10. 'Be content, be content, Be content wi me, lady; Now ye are my wedded wife Untill the day ye die, lady.
  11. 'My father was a Highlan laird, McGrigor was his name, lady; A' the country roun about They dreadit his great fame, lady.
  12. 'He kept a hedge about his lands, A prickle to his foes, lady, An every ane that did him wrang, He took him by the nose, lady.
  13. 'My father he delights in nout and goats, An me in horse and sheep, lady; You an twenty thousan pounds Makes me a man complete, lady.
  14. 'You're welcome to this Highlan lan, It is my native plain, lady; Think nae mair of gauin back, But tak it for your hame, lady.
  15. 'I'm gauin, [I'm gauin,] I'm gauin to France, lady; Whan I come back I'll learn ye a dance, lady.
  16. 'Set your foot, [set your foot,] Set your foot to mine, lady; Think nae mair of gauin back, But tak it for your hame, lady.'