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Bonny Baby Livingston

No: 222; variant: 222E

  1. BONNY Baby Livingstone Went out to view the hay, And by there came a Hieland lord, And he's stown Baby away.
  2. He's stown her in her coat, her coat, And he's stown her in her gown, And he let her not look back again Ere she was many a mile from town.
  3. He set her on a milk-white steed, Himself upon another, And they are on to bonny Lochell, Like sister and like brother.
  4. The bells were rung, the mass was sung, And all men bound to bed, And Baby and her Hieland lord They were both in one chamber laid.
  5. 'Oh day, kind sir! Oh day, kind sir! Oh day fain would I see! I would gie a' the lands o Livingstone For day-light, to lat me see.'
  6. 'Oh day, Baby? Oh day, Baby? What needs you long for day? Your steed is in a good stable, And he's eating baith corn and hay.
  7. 'Oh day, baby? Oh day, Baby? What needs you long for day? You'r lying in a good knight's arms, What needs you long for day?'
  8. 'Ye'll get me paper, pen, and ink, And light to let me see, Till I write on a broad letter And send 't to Lord . . '.'