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Bonny Baby Livingston

No: 222; variant: 222D

  1. BONNIE Annie Livingstone Was walking out the way, By came the laird of Glendinning, And he's stolen her away. The Highlands are no for me, kind sir, The highlands are no for me, And, if you wad my favour win, You'd take me to Dundee.
  2. He mounted her on a milk-white steed, Himself upon a grey, He's taen her to the Highland hills, And stolen her quite away.
  3. When they came to Glendinning gate, They lighted on the green; There many a Highland lord spoke free, But fair Annie she spoke nane.
  4. When bells were rung, and mass begun, And a' men bound for bed, Bonnie Annie Livingstone Was in her chamber laid.
  5. 'O gin it were but day, kind sir! O gin it were but day! O gin it were but day, kind sir, That I might win away!'
  6. 'Your steed stands in the stall, bonnie Ann, Eating corn and hay, And you are in Glendinning's arms; What need ye long for day?'
  7. 'O fetch me paper, pen, and ink, A candle that I may see, And I will write a long letter To Jemmy at Dundee.'
  8. When Jemmie looked the letter on, A loud laughter gave he; But eer he read the letter oer The tear blinded his ee.
  9. 'Gar saddle,' he cried, 'My war-horse fierce, Warn a' my trusty clan, And I'll away to Glendinning Castle And see my sister Ann.'
  10. When he came to Glendinning yet, He lighted on the green, But ere that he wan up the stair Fair Annie she was gane.
  11. 'The Highlands were not for thee, bonnie Ann, The Highlands were not for thee, And they that would have thy favour won Should have brought you home to me.
  12. 'O I will kiss thy cherry cheeks, And I will kiss thy chin, And I will kiss thy rosy lips, For they will neer kiss mine.'