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Katherine Jafray

No: 221; variant: 221C

  1. THERE leeft a may, an a weel-far'd may, High, high up in yon glen; O Her name was Katarine Janfarie, She was courtit by monie men. O
  2. Up then cam Lord Lauderdale, Up thrae the Lawland border, And he has come to court this may, A' mountit in gude order.
  3. He's telld her father, he's telld her mother, An a' the lave o her kin, An he has telld the bonnie lass hersel, An has her favour win.
  4. Out then cam Lord Faughanwood, Out frae the English border, An for to court this well-far'd may, A' mountit in gude order.
  5. He telld her father, he telld her mother, An a' the rest o her kin, But he neer telld the bonnie lass hersell Till on her waddin-een.
  6. When they war a' at denner set, Drinkin the bluid-red wine, 'Twas up then cam Lord Lauderdale, The bridegroom soud hae been.
  7. Up then spak Lord Faughanwood, An he spak very slee: 'O are ye come for sport?' he says, 'Or are ye come for play? Or are ye come for a kiss o our bride, An the morn her waddin-day?'
  8. 'O I'm no come for ought,' he says, 'But for some sport or play; An ae word o yer bonnie bride, Than I'll horse an ride away.'
  9. She filld a cup o the gude red wine, Sh filld it to the ee: 'Here's a health to you, Lord Lauderdale, An a' your companie.'
  10. She filld a cup o the gude red wine, She filld it to the brim: 'Here's a health to you, Lord Lauderdale, My bridegroom should hae been.'
  11. He's taen her by the milk-white hand, And by the gars-green sleeve, An he has mountit her behind him, O the bridegroom spierd nae leave.
  12. 'It'[s] now take yer bride, Lord Faughanwood, Now take her an ye may; But if ye take yer bride again We will ca it foul play.'
  13. There war four a twenty bonnie boys, A' clad i the simple gray; They said the wad take their bride again, By the strang hand an the may.
  14. Some o them were fu willin men, But they war na willin a'; Sae four an twentie ladies gay Bade them ride on their way.
  15. The bluid ran down by the Cadan bank, An in by the Cadan brae, An ther the gard the piper play It was a' for foul, foul play.
  16. A' ye lords in fair England That live by the English border, Gang never to Scotland to seek a wife, Or than ye'll get the scorn.
  17. They'll keep ye up i temper guid Untill yer wadin-day, They'll thraw ye frogs instead o fish, An steal your bride away.