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The Bonny Lass of Anglesley

No: 220; variant: 220B

  1. WORD has gane thro a' this land, And O well noticed it maun be! The English lords are coming down To dance and gain the victorie.
  2. The king has made a noble cry, And well attended it maun be: 'Come saddle ye, and bring to me The bonny lass o Englessie.'
  3. She started up, a' dress'd in white, Between him and his companie; Said, What will ye gie, my royal liege, If I will dance this dance for thee?
  4. 'Five good ploughs but and a mill I'll give you till the day ye die; The bravest knight in all my court, I'll give, your husband for to be.'
  5. She's taen the first lord by the hand, Says, 'Ye'll rise up and dance wi me;' But she made a' these lords fifeteen To gie it up right shamefullie.
  6. Then out it speaks a younger lord, Says, 'Fye for shame! how can this be?' He loosd his brand frae aff his side, Likewise his buckler frae his knee.
  7. He sware his feet should be his dead Before he lost the victorie; He danc'd full fast, but tired at last, And gae it up as shamefullie.