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The Bonny Lass of Anglesley

No: 220; variant: 220A

  1. OUR king he has a secret to tell, And ay well keepit it must be: The English lords are coming down To dance and win the victory.
  2. Our king has cry'd a noble cry, And ay well keepit it must be: 'Gar saddle ye, and bring to me The bonny lass of Anglesey.'
  3. Up she starts, as white as the milk, Between him and his company: What is the thing I hae to ask, If I sould win the victory?'
  4. 'Fifteen ploughs but and a mill I gie thee till the day thou die, And the fairest knight in a' my court To chuse thy husband for to be.'
  5. She's taen the fifteen lord[s] by the hand, Saying, 'Will ye come dance with me?' But on the morn at ten o'clock They gave it oer most shamefully.
  6. Up then rais the fifteenth lord---- I wat an angry man was he---- Laid by frae him his belt and sword, And to the floor gaed manfully.
  7. He said, 'My feet shall be my dead Before she win the victory;' But before 'twas ten o'clock at night He gaed it oer as shamefully.