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The Broom of Cowdenknows

No: 217; variant: 217K

THERE was four and twenty gentlemen, As they were ridin by, And aff there loups the head o them, Cums in to this fair may. 2. 'It's a mark and a mark and a misty night, And we canna know the way; And ye wad be as gude to us As shew us on the way.' 3. 'Ye'll get a boy for meat,' she says, 'Ye'll get a boy for fee, . . . . That will shew you the right way.' 4. 'We'll get a boy for meat,' he says, 'We'll get a boy for fee, But we do not know where to seek That bonny boy out.'

  1. 'It's foul befa my auld father's men, An ill death mat they die! They've biggit the ewe bucht sae far frae the town They've tristed the men to me.'