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Rare Willie Drowned in Yarrow, or, The Water o Gamrie

No: 215; variant: 215G

  1. 'O STAY at hame, my ain son Willie, And let your bride tak Johnie! O stay at hame, my ain son Willie! For my blessing gaes not wi thee.'
  2. 'I canna stay, nor I winna stay, And let my bride tak Johnie; I canna stay, nor I winna stay, Though your blessing gaes na wi me.
  3. 'I have a steed in my stable That cost me monie a pennie, And on that steed I winna dread To ride the water o Genrie.'
  4. The firsten step that Willie stept, He steppit to the bellie; The wind blew loud, the stream ran proud, And awa wi it gaed Willie.
  5. And when the bride gaed to the kirk, Into the kirk o Ganrie, She cuist her ee among them a', But she sawna her love Willie.
  6. Out and spak her auld brither, Saying, Peggie, I will tell thee; The man ye should been married till Lyes in the water o Genrie.
  7. She tore the ribbons aff her head, That were baith rich and manie, And she has kiltit up her coat, And ran to the water o Ganrie.
  8. She's sought him up, sae did she doun, Thro a' the water o Ganrie; In the deepest weil in a' the burn, Oh, there she fand her Willie!
  9. She has taen him in her arms twa, Sae fondly as she kisst him! Said, 'My mither sall be as wae as thine,' And she's lain doun aside him.