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Rare Willie Drowned in Yarrow, or, The Water o Gamrie

No: 215; variant: 215C

  1. 'WILLIE'S fair, an Willie's rare, An Willie's wondrous bonny, An Willie's promised to marry me, If eer he marry ony.'
  2. 'O sister dear, I've dreamed a dream, I'm afraid it's unco sorrow; I dreamed I was pu'in the heather green, In the dowie dens o Yarrow.'
  3. 'O sister dear, I'll read your dream, I'm afraid it will be sorrow; Ye'll get a letter ere it's een Your lover's drowned in Yarrow.'
  4. She socht him up, she socht him doun, In mickle dule an sorrow; She found him neath a buss o brume, In the dowie dens o Yarrow.
  5. Her hair it was three quarters lang, Its colour it was yallow; She tied it to his middle sma, An pu'ed him oot o Yarrow.
  6. 'My bed it was made wide yestreen, The nicht it sall be narrow; There's neer a man lie by my side Since Willie's drowned in Yarrow.'