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The Braes o Yarrow

No: 214; variant: 214K

  1. THERE lived a lady in the south, She thought she had not her marrow; And she was courted by nine gentlemen, In the dowie dens in Yarrow.
  2. All their offers they proved in vain, She thought that they were not her marrow; She has forsaken a' the nine, Loved a servant-lad on Galla.
  3. up bespoke her father dear, Who bred them a' this sorrow; You must go far, far to fight the nine, In the dowie den in Yarrow,'
  4. She washd his face, she combd his hair, Her heart being full of sorrow, With a rusted rapier down by his side, To fight his foes in Yarrow.
  5. He's ridden east, he's ridden west, He's ridden into Yarrow, And there he espied all the nine, Watering their steeds in Yarrow.
  6. 'Ye'r welcome, welcome, young man,' they said, 'But I think ye are not our marrow;' 'But I'll fight ye all out, one by one, In the dowie dens o Yarrow.'
  7. Four he has wounded, five he has slain, He left then a' sound in Yarrow; He turned him round with rejoyfull looks, Says, I wone the lady of Thoro.
  8. Up then spoke her father dear, Who bred them a' this sorrow; He's taen out a broadsword and run him through, In the dowie dens o Yarrow.
  9. 'I dreamed a dream last night,' she says, 'I fear it is for sorrow; I dreand I was pulling the heather green With my true love in Yarrow.'
  10. 'I'll read your dream now, daughter dear, I fear it is for sorrow; You will find your true-love lying sound, In a heather bush in Yarrow.'
  11. She's ridden east, she's ridden west, She's ridden into Yarrow; There she found her true lover sound, In a heather bush in Yarrow.
  12. His hair it was five quarters lang, It was baith lang and yellow; She's tied it to her horse's mane, She's trailed him home from Yarrow.
  13. 'O woe be to you, father dear! You've bred me all this sorrow;' So she died between her father's arms, In the dowie dens o Yarrow.