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The Cruel Mother

No: 20; variant: 20B

  1. SHE sat down below a thorn, Fine flowers in the valley And there she has her sweet babe born. And the green leaves they grow rarely
  2. 'Smile na sae sweet, my bonie babe, And ye smile sae sweet, ye'll smile me dead.'
  3. She's taen out her little pen-knife, And twinnd the sweet babe o its life.
  4. She's howket a grave by the light o the moon, And there she's buried her sweet babe in.
  5. As she was going to the church, She saw a sweet babe in the porch.
  6. 'O sweet babe, and thou were mine, I wad cleed thee in the silk so fine.'
  7. 'O mother dear, when I was thine, You did na prove to me sae kind.'