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No: 209; variant: 209G

  1. THE weather it is clear, and the wind blaws fair, And yonder a boy rins bonnie, And he is awa to the gates of Hye, With a letter to my dear ladie.
  2. The first line that she lookit on, She was baith red and rosy; She droppit down, and she dropt in a swoon, Crys, Och and alace for Geordie!
  3. 'Gar saddle to me the black, black horse; The brown is twice as bonnie; But I will neither eat nor drink Till I relieve my Geordie.'
  4. When she cam to the canny Cannygate, Amang the puir folk many, She made the dollars flee amang them a', And she bade them plead for Geordie.
  5. When she came to the tolbooth-gate, Amang the nobles many, She made the red gold flee amang them a', And she bade them plead for Geordie.
  6. Out and spoke the king himsell, 'Wha's aught this weary lady?' Out and spoke a pretty little page, 'She's the Earl o Cassilis lady.'
  7. 'Has he killed? or has he slain? Or has he ravishd any?' 'He stole three geldings out o yon park, And sold them to Balleny.'
  8. 'Pleading is idle,' said the king, 'Pleading is idle with any; But pay you down five hundred pund, And tak you hame your Geordie.'
  9. Some gave marks, and som gave crowns, Some gave dollars many; She's paid down the five hundred pund, And she's relieved her Geordie.
  10. The lady smiled in Geordie's face: 'Geordie, I have bocht thee; But down in yon green there had been bluidy breeks Or I had parted wi thee.'