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Jamie Douglas

No: 204; variant: 204H

  1. O WALY, waly up the bank! And waly, waly doun the brae! And waly, waly by yon burn-side, Whare me and my luve was wont to gae!
  2. If I had kent what I ken now, I wud neer hae crossed the waters o Tay; For an I had staid at Argyle's yetts, I might hae been his lady gay.
  3. When I lay sick, and very sick, And very sick, just like to die, A gentleman, a friend of mine own, A gentleman came me to see; But Blackliewoods sounded in my luve's ears He was too long in chamer with me.
  4. O woe be to thee, Blackliewoods, But an an ill death may you die! Thou's been the first and occasion last That eer put ill twixt my luve and me.
  5. 'Come down the stairs now, Jamie Douglas, Come down the stairs and drink wine wi me; I'll set thee in a chair of gold, And it's not one penny it will cost thee.'
  6. 'When cockle-shells grow silver bells, And gowd grows oer yon lily lea, When frost and snaw grows fiery bombs, I will come down and drink wine wi thee.'
  7. 'What ails you at our youngest son, That sirs upon the nurse's knee? I'm sure he's never done any harm And it's not to his ain nurse and me.'
  8. My loving father got word of this, But and an angry man was he; He sent three score of his soldiers brave To take me to my own countrie.

  1. 'O fare ye weel now, Jamie Douglas! And fare ye weel, my children three! God grant your father may prove kind Till I see you in my own countrie.'
  2. When she was set into her coach . . . . . . . . . . . .
  3. 'Cheer up your heart, my loving daughter, Cheer up your heart, let your weeping bee! A bill of divorce I will write to him, And a far better lord I'll provide for thee.'
  4. It's very true, and it's often said, The hawk she's flown and she's left her nest; But a' the warld may plainly see They're far awa that I luve best.