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The Gypsy Laddie

No: 200; variant: 200[L]

  1. A band of gypsies, all in a road, All so black and brawny, oh Away come a lady all dressed in silk, To follow the roving gypsies. oh The gypsies, oh! The gypsies, oh! To follow the roving gypsies, oh!
  2. Her husband came home at ten o'clock of night, An asked for his lady fair; The servant informed him very soon She had gone with the roving gypsies.
  3. 'Saddle to me my bonny gray mare, Saddle to me my pony; I will go where the green grass grow, To find out the roving gypsies.
  4. 'Last night she slept in a fair feather-bed, And blankets by bonins; Tonight she sleeps in a cold shed-barn, Through following the roving gypsies.
  5. 'Why did you leave your houses and your lands? Why did you leave your babies? Why did you leave your decent married man, To follow the roving gypsies?'
  6. 'What cares I for my houses and my lands? What cares I for my babies? What cares I for my decent married man? I will go with the roving gypsies.'