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The Gypsy Laddie

No: 200; variant: 200J

  1. THERE was a gip came oer the land, He sung so sweet and gaily; He sung with glee, neath the wild wood tree, He charmed the great lord's lady. Ring a ding a ding go ding go da, Ring a ding a ding go da dy, Ring a ding a ding go ding go da, She's gone with the gipsey Davy.
  2. The lord he came home late that night; Enquiring for his lady, 'She's gone, she's gone,' said his old servantman, 'She's gone with the gipsey Davy.'
  3. 'Go saddle me my best black mare; The grey is neer so speedy; For I'll ride all night, and I'll ride all day, Till I overtake my lady.'
  4. Riding by the river-side, The grass was wet and dewy; Seated with her gipsey lad, It's there he spied his lady.
  5. 'Would you forsake your house and home? Would you forsake your baby? Would you forsake your own true love, And go with the gipsey Davy?'
  6. 'Yes, I'll forsake my house and home, Yes, I'll forsake my baby; What care I for my true love? I love the gipsey Davy.'
  7. The great lord he rode home that night, He took good care of his baby, And ere six months had passed away He married another lady.