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The Gypsy Laddie

No: 200; variant: 200G

  1. THERE was seven gypsies all in a gang, They were brisk and bonny; O They rode till they came to the Earl of Casstle's house, And there they sang most sweetly. O
  2. The Earl of Castle's lady came down, With the waiting-maid beside her; As soon as her fair face they saw, They called their grandmother over.
  3. They gave to her a nutmeg brown, And a race of the best ginger; She gave to them a far better thing, 'Twas the ring from off her finger.
  4. She pulld off her high-heeld shoes, They was made of Spanish leather; She put on her highland brog[u]es, To follow the gypsey loddy.
  5. At night when my good lord came home, Enquring for his lady, The waiting-maid made this reply, 'She's following the gypsey loddy.'
  6. 'Come saddle me my milk-white steed, Come saddle it so bonny, As I may go seek my own wedded wife, That's following the gypsey loddy.
  7. 'Have you been east? have you been west? Or have you been brisk and bonny? Or have you seen a gay lady, A following the gypsey loddy?'
  8. He rode all that summer's night, And part of the next morning; At length he spy'd his own wedded wife, She was cold, wet, and weary.
  9. 'Why did you leave your houses and land? Or why did you leave your money? Or why did you leave your good wedded lord, To follow the gypsey loddy?'
  10. 'O what care I for houses and land? Or what care I for money? So as I have brewd, so will I return; So fare you well, my honey!'
  11. There was seven gypsies in a gang, And they was brisk and bonny, And they're to be hanged all on a row, For the Earl of Castle's lady.