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Riddles Wisely Expounded

No: 1; variant: 1[E]

  1. There was a lady in the West, Lay the bank with the bonny broom She had three daughters of the best. Fa lang the dillo Fa lang the dillo dillo dee
  2. There came a stranger to the gate, And he three days and nights did wait.
  3. The eldest daughter did ope the door, The second set him on the floor.
  4. The third daughter she brought a chair, And placed it that he might sit there.
  5. 'Now answer me these questions three, Or you shall surely go with me.
  6. 'Now answer me these questions six, Or you shall surely be Old Nick's.
  7. 'Now answer me these questions nine, Or youe shall surely all be mine.
  8. 'What is greener than the grass? What is smoother than crystal glass?
  9. 'What is louder than a horn? What is sharper than a thorn?
  10. 'What is brighter than the light? What is darker than the night?
  11. 'What is keener than an axe? What is softer than melting wax?
  12. 'What is rounder than a ring?' 'To you we thus our answers bring.
  13. 'Envy is greener than the grass, Flattery smoother than crystal glass.
  14. 'Rumour is louder than a horn, Hunger is sharper than a thorn.
  15. 'Truth is brighter than the light, Falsehood is darker than the night.
  16. 'Revenge is keener than an axe, Love is softer than melting wax.
  17. 'The world is rounder than a ring, To you we thus our answers bring.
  18. 'Thus you have our answers nine, And we never shall be thine.'